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Since 1973,
we give our best
under pressure.
We were born to make interventions on pressure pipes safer, more efficient, precise and timely.

Our products

Ravetti offers plugging tools aimed at satisfying various market needs.

Ø 2”÷ 24” - PN 12, 16 and 25 bar

The Ravetti™ STOP/SYSTEM™ equipment has always been characterised by state-of-the-art technology and maximum reliability.

Ø ½”÷ 2” - PN 12 bar

The MINI/STOP™ S plugging tool allows to operate in absolute safety on small diameter pipes.

Ø 1”÷ 3” - PN 0.5 bar

The Ravetti™ MICRO/STOP™ system is suitable for interventions on user connections without gas leakage.

Ø3”÷ 24” - PN 0.1 bar

The Ravetti™ INTRO/BAG™ system allows the line-stopping of low pressure gas pipes.

Ø ½”÷ 24”

Ravetti™ offers a wide range of drilling systems for steel, cast iron, PE and cement/asbestos pipes.

Mechanical plugs for steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes.

Gas bags offer a valid and rapid solution for line stopping of low pressure gas pipes.

The original Ravetti™ fittings are built with rigorously controlled high quality materials.

Ravetti™ can provide its customers with a wide range of accessories

A story that begins in 1973.

Since 1973, when Ravetti® was born, many things have changed.
The demand for safety and reliability from operators has increased.
New materials have emerged and new technologies have made
equipment more flexible and effective.
But there is one thing that has never changed: the Ravetti® spirit.
A pragmatism aimed at customer satisfaction and anticipating their
Today, having reached 40 years in business, Ravetti® is ready to
take on the challenges of the future.
With the enthusiasm of its origins, to always guarantee the best in
every performance.


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