A story that begins
in 1973.

Since 1973, when Ravetti® was born, many things have changed.
The demand for safety and reliability from operators has increased.
New materials have emerged, and new technologies have made equipment more flexible and effective.
But there is one thing that has never changed: it is the Ravetti® spirit.
A pragmatism aimed at customer satisfaction and anticipating their needs.
Today, after reaching 40 years of activity, Ravetti® is ready to accept the challenges of the future.
With the enthusiasm of the origins, to always guarantee the top in every performance.

Professionals between
headquarters and production
Specialized designers
and qualified technicians
for your offers,
orders, documentation.
Sales technician for special, non-standard
equipment or spare parts.

To protect those who work,
to protect the environment.

Producing safety for those working on gas and water pipes
through the study of innovative products and high-tech solutions
that constantly raise efficiency standards: Ravetti® wants to be a
certainty for those who intervene even in the most delicate
Protect the worker, protect the environment.
This is the Ravetti® mission. Not just words, but deeds that
engage us in our daily work.

A company policy always focused on customer satisfaction,
research and development of new technologies and equipment
dedicated to improving working methods in pressure pipe work,
increasing operator safety and, above all, anticipating the needs
of its customers.

The strenghts of Ravetti® S.r.l. in brief are:

- qualified human resources
- orientation towards customer needs
- high quality and state-of-the-art products
- design and development of new technologies
- products certified CE and compliant to PED directive
- ISO 9001 certified company quality system

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