Ø 2”÷ 24” - PN 12, 16 and 25 bar

The Ravetti™ STOP/SYSTEM™ equipment has always been characterised by state-of-the-art technology and maximum reliability.

Ø ½”÷ 2” - PN 12 bar

The MINI/STOP™ S plugging tool allows to operate in absolute safety on small diameter pipes.

Ø 1”÷ 3” - PN 0.5 bar

The Ravetti™ MICRO/STOP™ system is suitable for interventions on user connections without gas leakage.

Ø3”÷ 24” - PN 0.1 bar

The Ravetti™ INTRO/BAG™ system allows the line-stopping of low pressure gas pipes.

Ø ½”÷ 24”

Ravetti™ offers a wide range of drilling systems for steel, cast iron, PE and cement/asbestos pipes.

Mechanical plugs for steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes.

Gas bags offer a valid and rapid solution for line stopping of low pressure gas pipes.

The original Ravetti™ fittings are built with rigorously controlled high quality materials.

Ravetti™ can provide its customers with a wide range of accessories