Ravetti services

Training courses

Based on customer requirements, Ravetti® organises training courses on the use of the equipment we produce.
The courses include a theoretical session in which the different parts of the machines, their operation and possible risks are explained.

Demonstrations are then carried out in the testing room and the participants can practice using the equipment.
At the end of the course, a personal certificate of attendance is issued to all participants.

On specific request or in the case of a large number of technicians to be trained, courses can be held at the customer's premises.

For further information, our sales department is always available at +39 0142 482626 or by e-mail:
Ravetti services

After Sales Service

Ravetti Srl provides its customers with a timely routine maintenance
service and extraordinary maintenance of equipment.
After the equipment has been restored, our highly qualified staff will
carry out severe tests and issue the relevant repair statement.

The equipment maintained at our service centre is also updated according to the latest changes, thus guaranteeing long-lasting use.