MINI/STOP® S - DN 1/2”÷2” - 12bar

The MINI/STOP™ S plugging tool allows to operate in total safety on small diameters from DN 1/2" to 2" with 12 bar max operating pressure.

Ministop™ differs from Stop-System™ in the plug design: due to the smaller pipe sizes, the expansion ring has been replaced by a cylindrical plug in solid rubber that, once compressed, takes up a spherical shape, ensuring perfect adherence to the inner pipe’s walls.

Thanks to its total safety, compact size, low weight and remarkable practical use, the Ravetti Ministop™ is an essential tool for the maintenance of under pressure small size pipes.

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Evolution of the Mini/Stop® concept characterized by:

  • Lightweight aluminum alloy construction
  • Single shaft with interchangeable tool holders

Designed for line stopping from DN  ½” to 2” with 12 bar maximum operating pressure. The equipment can work up to 50°C with standard gaskets and up to 130°C with special gaskets.