Multi diameter Gas Bags

Multi diameter gas bags designed for manual insertion in low pressure steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes from DN 2” to 24”.

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The multidimensional gas bag is made by a combination of materials, as rubber and high resistant fibres that, through a double vulcanization treatment, realizes a very strong structure and at the same time very flexible and adaptable to various pipe diameters. The internal inflation pressure of each multimensional gas bags into the pipe is 1.5 bar for all sizes.

The max back pressure is 0.2 bar in the standard version and 0.5 bar in the special version for PE pipes.

The gas bag is assembled on flexible tube with sliding rubber conical stopper - with plate indicating the operating diameters and working pressure - manometer and inflating valve.

Available Diameters (mm):

- Mod. 1: 60-80

- Mod. 2: 80-120

- Mod. 3: 120-170

- Mod. 4: 140-215

- Mod. 5: 190-270

- Mod. 6: 240-315

- Mod. 7: 300-400

- Mod. 8: 450-600