External Couplers for pipes
  • Quick centring of the two pipe heads to be welded.
  •  Closure with minimal effort and welding facilitated by the frame openings designed for easy sliding of the electrode.
  • Adjustment screws for better centring of oval pipes

Model with manual tightening (Ø2”-16”) or hydraulic tightening (Ø16”- 48”)

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Available in two different model:

  • from ND 50mm to ND 40mm manual closure;
  • from ND 400mm to ND 1200mm with hydraulic jack.

Our external couplers allow of:

  • rapid centing of the two pipe heads to be welded;
  • easy closing;
  • welding facilitated by the opening on the frame designed to allow easy slipping of the electrode;
  • with adjustable screw for a better centering in case of ovalized pipe.