Warning Nets

PP resistant to microorganisms and UV rays.

The reels are available in 300mm and 500mm heights
Colours: light blue for water, yellow for gas.

  • Model HZ - net + tape
  • Model HZD - net + tape + stainless steel wire
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Warning nets in conformity with the new European standard EN 12613 and NFT 54-080.

Technical features

Material: polypropylene

Dimension: 300 or 500 mm h. reels

Micro-organism and UV ray resistant

Packaging: reels 100 m/each in individual opaque plastic bags.


  • Yellow with 5cm h. central tape with wording "LOOK OUT GAS PIPE".
  • Blue with 5cm h. central tape with warding "LOOK OUT WATER PIPE".
  • Red with 5cm h. central tape with warding "LOOK OUT ELECTRIC CABLE".

Models: HZ + tape

HZD + tape + covered stainless steel wire for detecting polyethylene pipes.