Expanding Stoppers for steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes

Pipe plugs available in the following models:

  • MOD. A/P - 1 SEAL RING
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Pipe stoppers with by-pass connection for testing steel, cast iron and polyethylene pipes.

Available from DN 40 to DN 600.

The pipe plugs are built with die-cast aluminium flanges, oil proof sealing rings in solid rubber with trapezoidal section, suitable for 140°C max temperature, and tightening handles mounted on thrust bearing.

Available with one, two or three sealing rings versions according to the required counter-thrust pressure.

PI10040040 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.40  (RANGE 37-48MM) P.MAX 5.5 BAR

PI10040050 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.50  (RANGE 49-65MM) P.MAX 5 BAR

PI10040065 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.65  (RANGE 63-75MM) P.MAX 4.8 BAR

PI10040080 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.80  (RANGE 77-95MM) P.MAX 4.5 BAR

PI10040090 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.90  (RANGE 86-106MM) P.MAX 4 BAR

PI10040100 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.100  (RANGE 97-120MM) P.MAX 3.5 BAR

PI10040110 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.110  (RANGE 105-125MM) P.MAX 3.5 BAR

PI10040125 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.125  (RANGE 120-143MM) P.MAX 3 BAR

PI10040140 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.140  (RANGE 130-150MM) P.MAX 2.8 BAR

PI10040150 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.150  (RANGE 147-170MM) P.MAX 2.5 BAR

PI10040160 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.160  (RANGE 155-175MM) P.MAX 2.5 BAR

PI10040175 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.175  (RANGE 170-195MM) P.MAX 2.2 BAR

PI10040200 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.200  (RANGE 195-221MM) P.MAX 2 BAR

PI10040225 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.225  (RANGE 220-245MM) P.MAX 1.6 BAR

PI10040250 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.250  (RANGE 245-278MM) P.MAX 1.5 BAR

PI10040275 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.275  (RANGE 270-300MM) P.MAX 1.4 BAR

PI10040300 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.300  (RANGE 295-325MM) P.MAX 1.4 BAR

PI10040350 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.350  (RANGE 330-370MM) P.MAX 1.3 BAR

PI10040400 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.400  (RANGE 370-424MM) P.MAX 1.1 BAR

PI10040450 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.450  (RANGE 435-480MM) P.MAX 1 BAR

PI10040500 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.500  (RANGE 485-525MM) P.MAX 0.8 BAR

PI10040550 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.550  (RANGE 530-570MM) P.MAX 0.7 BAR

PI10040600 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."A/P" DN.600  (RANGE 580-620MM) P.MAX 0.6 BAR

PI10050040 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.40  (RANGE 37-48MM) P.MAX 10.5 BAR

PI10050050 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.50  (RANGE 49-65MM) P.MAX 10 BAR

PI10050065 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.65  (RANGE 63-75MM) P.MAX 9.6 BAR

PI10050080 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.80  (RANGE 77-95MM) P.MAX 8.5 BAR

PI10050090 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.90  (RANGE 86-106MM) P.MAX 8 BAR

PI10050100 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.100  (RANGE 97-120MM) P.MAX 7 BAR

PI10050110 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.110  (RANGE 105-125MM) P.MAX 7 BAR

PI10050125 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.125  (RANGE 120-143MM) P.MAX 6 BAR

PI10050140 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.140  (RANGE 130-150MM) P.MAX 5.6 BAR

PI10050150 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.150  (RANGE 147-170MM) P.MAX 5 BAR

PI10050160 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.160  (RANGE 155-175MM) P.MAX 5 BAR

PI10050175 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.175  (RANGE 170-195MM) P.MAX 4.4 BAR

PI10050200 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.200  (RANGE 195-221MM) P.MAX 4 BAR

PI10050225 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.225  (RANGE 220-245MM) P.MAX 3.3 BAR

PI10050250 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.250  (RANGE 245-278MM) P.MAX 3.2 BAR

PI10050275 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.275  (RANGE 270-300MM) P.MAX 3.1 BAR

PI10050300 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.300  (RANGE 295-325MM) P.MAX 3 BAR

PI10050350 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.350  (RANGE 330-370MM) P.MAX 2.8 BAR

PI10050400 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.400  (RANGE 370-424MM) P.MAX 2.5 BAR

PI10050450 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.450  (RANGE 435-480MM) P.MAX 2 BAR

PI10050500 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.500  (RANGE 485-525MM) P.MAX 1.6 BAR

PI10050550 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.550  (RANGE 530-570MM) P.MAX 1.4 BAR

PI10050600 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."DR/P" DN.600  (RANGE 580-620MM) P.MAX 1.2 BAR

PI10060040 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.40  (RANGE 37-48MM) P.MAX 16 BAR

PI10060050 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.50  (RANGE 49-65MM) P.MAX 15 BAR

PI10060065 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.65  (RANGE 63-75MM) P.MAX 14.6 BAR

PI10060080 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.80  (RANGE 77-95MM) P.MAX 12 BAR

PI10060090 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.90  (RANGE 86-106MM) P.MAX 11 BAR

PI10060100 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.100  (RANGE 97-120MM) P.MAX 10 BAR

PI10060110 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.110  (RANGE 105-125MM) P.MAX 10 BAR

PI10060125 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.125  (RANGE 120-143MM) P.MAX 9 BAR

PI10060140 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.140  (RANGE 130-150MM) P.MAX 8 BAR

PI10060150 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.150  (RANGE 147-170MM) P.MAX 7.5 BAR

PI10060160 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.160  (RANGE 155-175MM) P.MAX 7.5 BAR

PI10060175 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.175  (RANGE 170-195MM) P.MAX 6.8 BAR

PI10060200 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.200  (RANGE 195-221MM) P.MAX 6 BAR

PI10060225 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.225  (RANGE 220-245MM) P.MAX 5 BAR

PI10060250 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.250  (RANGE 245-278MM) P.MAX 4.9 BAR

PI10060275 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.275  (RANGE 270-300MM) P.MAX 4.7 BAR

PI10060300 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.300  (RANGE 295-325MM) P.MAX 4.5 BAR

PI10060350 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.350  (RANGE 330-370MM) P.MAX 4.2 BAR

PI10060400 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.400  (RANGE 370-424MM) P.MAX 4 BAR

PI10060450 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.450  (RANGE 435-480MM) P.MAX 3.5 BAR

PI10060500 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.500  (RANGE 485-525MM) P.MAX 2.5 BAR

PI10060550 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.550  (RANGE 530-570MM) P.MAX 2.1 BAR

PI10060600 STOPPLE PLUG MOD."TR/P" DN.600  (RANGE 580-620MM) P.MAX 1.8 BAR