INTRO/BAG™ mod. IB/3 from DN 3” to 12”

The INTRO/BAG™ system mod. IB/3 allows the flow stop in low pressure steel, cast iron, ductile and polyethylene pipes with diameter from from DN 3" to DN 12", with no gas leakage.

Max gas pressure: 0.1 bar

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The INTRO/BAG™ system mod. IB/3 allows an easy insertion of the gas bags through guide tubes and offers significant advantages:

  • No gas leak.
  • Introduction and removal of the bag without rubbing the edges of the drilled bore. This problem arises in particular in steel pipes.
  • The outer surface of the gas bags always run on smooth side walls which cannot cause any tearing.
  • Possibility of introducing a ball from one side and the other from the opposite side.
  • Possibility of using the central guide tube as a vent or for the so-called "hydraulic guard", i.e. the introduction of water between the two balloons to create a safe barrier with gas on steel pipes.

All the Ravetti INTRO/BAG™ tools are built in Ergal aluminium to ensure high strength and light weight.

Model IB3:

  • for steel pipes from DN 80 to DN 300
  • for polyethylene pipes from DN 90 a DN 315
  • for cast iron pipes from DN 80 to DN 300.